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Who is behind Get It Quilted?

Get the scoop on who we are from our About Us page.

What is Get It Quilted all about?

We're all about being a handy resource. Currently, we list helpful resources for quilters and longarm quilters.

When did you start this website?

Well, we bought the domain (web address) way back in October of 2013, but we didn't actually have anything up on the website until March 5, 2015.

Where are you located?

We are in Central Texas just north of Austin.

How do I contact you?

Info on how to contact us can be found on our Contact page.

Why are you doing this?

First and foremost, we like being helpful. A long time ago, before we knew anything about quilting, we built a resource/FAQ website for the Dreamweaver Community. (Dreamweaver is software for building websites.) Just like we did back then, we saw a need, so we decided we'd give a go at filling that need.

Truth be told, we originally purchased this web address with the intention of selling digitized longarm designs. We're focussing on Cut Sew Quick first, before we start a new venture. More about that on our About Us page.