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Paper Pantograph & Printed Designs for Longarm Quilting

The websites listed below offer paper or printable designs for longarm quilt machines. (No computer required, but you will need a laser pointer attached to your machine so you can follow the design.) If you know of other websites or discover a social media account for a site that's already listed, please let us know so we can update the list.

Social Media Website
Anne Bright
Kingsmen Quilting Supply Inc.
Linda's Electric Quilters
Lorien Quilting
Maple Leaf Quilting Company Ltd.
Meadow Lyon
Purple Daisies, LLC
The Quilting Connection
Quilting Pantographs
Quilts Complete
The Stencil Company
TK Quilting & Design
Urban Elementz
Wildflower Quilting
Willow Leaf Studio
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Sewing Machine Guide
Heart Keychain: Housework only comes before...
Heart Keychain: Housework only comes before...
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