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Digitized Longarm Quilt Designs

Digitized longarm quilt designs are patterns created for use with a computerized longarm quilting machine.

Longarm Quilting Machine Manufacturers & Brands

Simply put, Longarms are a type of sewing machine used for quilting the layers of a quilt.

Longarm Quilting Thread Manufactuers & Brands

While it is true that most any thread can be used to do longarm quilting, not all thread has been designed with that purpose in mind. We list the brands/manufacturers of threads specifically advertised as being for use with longarm quilting.

Paper Pantograph & Printed Designs for Longarm Quilting

Paper Pantographs are typically printed on a roll, for the quilters who manually operate the longarm to follow the pattern.

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Heart Keychain: Finished is better than perfect.
Heart Keychain: Finished is better than perfect.
Mini Crosshatch & Ditch Longarm Ruler
Mini Crosshatch & Ditch Longarm Ruler